Mobix Player Pro Apk Download [V2.0.0] Latest Version

Are you a fan of watching shows online? In today’s digital world, online show streaming platforms have changed how shows are watched. In this article, we will discuss Mobix Player Pro, a newly launched platform allowing users to watch web series and shows. Whether you are a fan of binge-watching your favourite shows or looking for a new series to explore, Mobix Player Pro APK claims to offer a wide range of content. 

In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of Mobix Player Pro. So, keep reading to discover all the details about Mobix Player Pro and elevate your streaming experience.

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Mobix Player Pro APK

Overview of Mobix Player Pro APK

Mobix Player Pro is an application that allows users to watch web series and shows on their Android devices quickly. Mobix Player Pro is one such platform that allows users to access their favourite web series and shows anytime, anywhere. They claim to have shown and films from different OTT (over-the-top) platforms in one place. The application is free of cost, which means the subscription cost is zero.

Mobix Player Pro will save users the hassle of exploring different OTT applications. They also claim to improve the overall experience of watching shows on the internet by providing screen quality, advanced quality of the video player, easy navigation, etc. However, the application is unavailable on the Google Play Store, and one must install it through browsers. 

Overview of Mobix Player Pro APK

Mobix Player Pro Apk App Latest Version

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Key Features of Mobix Player Pro APK

It is crucial to verify any application’s features before using it. By reading the attributes, one can get an idea about the application’s configuration, size, compatibility, and many other things that may aid in understanding the type of application one will access. Here are the essential attributes of the application.

  • It supports various types of video formats, such as the popular ones MP4, AVI, MKV, and FLV, and the lesser-known formats WMV and MOV.
  • They offer advanced playback controls, allowing users to easily navigate through videos and adjust the playback speed of the content, etc.
  • The image quality and sound quality of the video player would be impeccable. They offer High-definition video and videos with 4K quality. 
  • The images displayed will be sharp, and the colours will be vivid. 
  • Mobix Player Pro APK also includes features such as adjustable aspect ratios, customizable subtitles, adjustable font style and size, and the use of downloaded subtitles.  
  • Through this application, users can also manage their device media and organize it as they like it with the help of this application.
  • They also claim that no advertisements will be running on this application, thus providing a smooth streaming experience without any interference. 
  • The additional setting provided by this application is changing the sound effects, language, and interface and then selecting a mode to custom play by operating buttons and sliders. 
  • The application will be easily traceable as it will be in a list of applications. 

Additional Information

User reviews and testimonials

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After proper and extensive research on Mobix Player Pro APK, we could not find proper feedback on this application. On some trusted review portals, the application is non-existent. But we found some reviews on different websites, and people are unsatisfied with their services. 

Many users have complained that the application has no shows or films; it is just a video player and concluded that this is a spam application. Many users even suggested not installing this application, but few were just complaining about the addition of a subtitle option. Overall, the website has failed to provide what it claimed. 

Comparison with other similar applications

There are many applications like Mobix Player Pro APK, those are as follows:

  • VLC media player
  • MX Player
  • Smart IPTV Xtream Player
  • Cast IPTV – TV Player
  • IPTV Live: HD Video Player etc. 

There are many more video player applications like Mobix Player Pro. The difference between these applications is that most of these applications are very old and trusted. The significant difference between these listed applications is that they have displayed themselves as video player apps. Still, Mobix has been promoted as an alternative to OTT platforms, but it is just a video player.

Comparison with other similar applications

How to install Mobix Player Pro?

To install Mobix Player Pro APK, follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the official website of Mobix Player Pro, which anyone can easily find online.
  • On the website, locate the “Install” button or link. Tap on that option and initiate the process.
  • The application is available only for Android devices.
  • Users will not be redirected to any application store because Mobix Player Pro is unavailable on any app store. 
  • Once the installation is complete, find the installed file on your Android device. 
  • Open the file installed earlier. The user must confirm the installation. If so, click “Install” and proceed.
  • Allowing the installation process will complete the process. But it may take some time. 
  • Once the installation is completed, the user will see the Mobix Player Pro APK icon on the device’s home screen or app list.
  • Tap the application’s icon and launch Mobix Player Pro.
  • After opening the application for the first time, the user may be asked to allow specific permissions or customize some settings. For this, users must follow the instructions on-screen to customize the application as per their preferences.
  • Enjoy using the application to play a wide range of video files with customization options and advanced features.

Tips and tricks for using Mobix Player Pro effectively

Here are a few tips and tricks to effectively use the Mobix Player Pro APK.

  • Organize the media files on your device occasionally through Mobix Player Pro.
  • Check for the updates regularly and keep your application updated.
  • Explore the application for maximum usage of customized settings.
  • Install the application from authentic sources.
  • Make good use of the subtitle feature. 

Pros and Cons of Mobix Player Pro


In conclusion, according to their description and claims, Mobix Player Pro is a competent video player software. But the reality is that most of their features are not ready to work yet, and the application is not one of its types. There are lots of well-known applications in the market. Its benefits include a wide range of supported video formats, advanced playback controls, subtitle options and customizable settings. However, after all their features work properly, the application will earn loyal users. They need to work on their application a lot to solve many problems. If you wish to learn more and more details about this application, click on this link here

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